Ordering Information:
Three Two Choppers, LLC, is a Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas based Custom Chopper shop owned and operated by two brothers, Jimmie Lee Coen & Jonathan "JC" Coen. At Three Two Choppers, LLC, most bikes are built to order. We offer options and upgrades with our bikes, such as engines, transmissions, billet wheels, spoke wheels, primary drives, custom paint, powdercoating, chrome, custom seats, etc. These options will adjust the price of your Three Two Chopper, but we will design and build your bike with the best options available within your budget.

When you call to order your bike, we'll review all of your options with you to make sure that your Three Two Chopper is exactly what you have in mind. We are an NHTSA licensed manufacturer, so your Three Two Chopper comes with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) and will title as a Three Two Chopper, NOT a special construction. Three Two Choppers, LLC, offers a six month limited warranty. Extended warranty coverage is available.

Bike orders require a $2,000 down payment which puts your name on a frame and secures your place in line for your build. Out of this down payment $1,000 is non refundable if you decide to cancel your order. We will apply the $1,000 to your build if you decide to restart your project at a later date. Upon the start of your build, 50% of your total is due. When the fabricated (raw) build of your bike is done, we require another 50% of your remaining balance. The remainder of your balance is due upon completion of your Three Two Chopper. We recommend using certified mail, UPS or another trackable method for any funds you send to Three Two Choppers, LLC. You will receive an invoice as confirmation that we received your funds.

If you have questions or to go over the specifics,
E-mail sales@threetwochoppers.com
or call:
Jimmie Lee - 817 475 3654
JC - 817 300 3154